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By Robert Orben

There isn't any greater, quicker, or more suitable approach to succeed in out and seize an audience's recognition than the adroit use of humor. An apt, well-timed comic story can soothe the adverse, concentration the bored to death, and the spur at the enthusiastic.

In this most up-to-date assortment from Robert Orben, grasp of the one-liner and fountain of humor for the good television and stand-up comics, are accumulated over 2500 brief, appropriate, and sharp laugh-getters which can simply be extra to speeches, lectures, shows, or informal dialog. prepared into numerous hundred different types for ease in choice, the subject material is topical--ranging from acupuncture and pollution to women's liberation and X-rated videos. lots of the jokes are one-liners that movement with a snap and a sizzle that anecdotes and long tales lack.

Here you can find openings and closings for speeches, plus random and particular remark necessary to a person who has ever been referred to as upon to "say a number of words." a fabulous software for audio system, writers, and performers, Mr. Orben's most up-to-date booklet also will offer hours of laugh-filled studying for everyone.

Note from the uploader: those jokes will not be humorous.

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The parodos brings a humorous defeat of expectations;  ff. subsequently functions as a kind of deferred or postponed parodos of the chorus qua wasps. 30 In fact, there is legitimate disagreement about precisely how to delimit the parodos of a comedy; but this technicality does not affect my general observations. 31 See my Introduction to Knights on the different levels of significance in the play’s allegory. 29 Introduction xxxiii thing it is unusually preceded, or initiated, by the appearance of four extra dancers in specially ostentatious bird costumes on the roof of the stage building (–).

The translator of Aristophanes is confronted by a challenge more varied and formidable than that posed by any other ancient author. There are three main sources of difficulty. First, Aristophanic verse encompasses many different forms and registers, and frequently extracts humour from piquant or incongruous combinations of these. All other types of Greek poetry—epic, lyric, and above all tragedy50—are echoed, parodied, and exploited by Aristophanes in ways which can involve vocabulary, rhythmical form, or thematic materials.

The full form of that routine is introduced by a short linking comment (song or recitative) on the preceding scene, continues with the parabasis proper (a substantial recitative section of audience-address, sometimes called the ‘anapaests’), and is completed by a symmetrical pattern or syzygy—song, recitative; matchWomen at the Thesmophoria – is an exception: the Kinsman is on stage too, trapped at the altar of the Thesmophoreion. 36 Introduction xxxvii TABLE . Formal structure of the Aristophanic parabasis SONG/RECITATIVE RECITATIVE SONG RECITATIVE SONG RECITATIVE Linking comment, usually addressed by the chorus to departing character(s) Parabasis proper (‘anapaests’), addressed by the chorus to the audience Strophe (typically a prayer/hymn) Declamation (‘epirrhema’), usually delivered in the chorus’s dramatic identity Antistrophe Matching declamation (‘antepirrhema’) ing song and recitative—which is parallel to that of an agon.

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