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By Alison Dagnes (auth.)

This ebook examines why there are so few conservative political satirists this day and explores the results of this imbalance.

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One for satire’s “win” column! Also along these lines, political cartoons in print media help to reinforce political knowledge. Author Emmett Buell argued that political cartoons, in their exaggeration and embellishment, 36 ● A Conservative Walks Into a Bar spoke loudly enough in the 1988 presidential campaign to educate the public, a theory supported by other scholars in more recent years. ) found that the pairing of an op-ed piece with an editorial cartoon helped to solidify meaning on the editorial pages.

SNL’s audience expects comedy with a broader range, which drives the depth to which the political jokes can reach. Metaphor Metaphor is another mode used in political humor, which asks an audience to compare two unlike images and laugh at the comparison. Often seen in political cartoons, visual metaphor requires the reader to understand both images of a comparison, and consequently, the images used must be easily understood. Symbols work nicely to draw metaphoric comparisons, such as the bald eagle or Uncle Sam to symbolize America, or donkeys and elephants to symbolize our two major political parties.

Perhaps, but this needs to be determined. This chapter examines satirical material from a variety of angles to gauge whether or not the political humor itself is ideologically prejudiced. Both humor and ideology are somewhat subjective concepts. ” And when these two concepts are blended into one question, there is room for interpretation. For example, three academics from Ohio State University investigated the way The Colbert Report ’s audience processed the jokes and information featured on the show (LaMarre, Landreville, and Beam 2009).

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