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By George Saintsbury

This Elibron Classics booklet is a facsimile reprint of a 1910 version through Macmillan and Co., constrained, London.

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Thee ignorant wyl imagin, that thee passagewas nothing craggye,in as much as M. Fhaere hath broken thee ice before me : Thee meanerclarcks wyl supposemy trauail in theeseheroical versestoo carrye no 1 This and the next extract are given literatim to show Stanyhurst's marvellous spelling. 24 FROM TOTTEL'S "MISCELLANY" TO SPENSER CHAP. greatdifficultie, in thatyt layin mychoice toomake whatwordI wouldshort or long,hauingno English writerbeefore meein thiskindof poetrye with whosesquire I should leauel my syllables.

Sing lullaby, as women do, Wherewith they bring their babes to rest, And lullaby can I sing too, As womanly as can the best. With lullaby they still the child ; And if I be not much beguiled, Full many wanton babes have I Which must be stilled with lullaby. " First lullaby, my youthful years, It is now time to go to bed, For crooked age and hoary hairs Have won the hav'n within my head: With lullaby then, youth, be still, With lullaby content thy will, Sincecouragequails and comesbehind, Go sleep and so beguile thy mind.

Hall had followed Fabyan as an English historian, and, above all, Latimer's Sermonshad shown how to transform spoken English of the raciest kind into literature. Lord Berners's translations of 30 EARLY ELIZABETHAN PROSE CHAP. Froissartand of di-versexamplesof late Continental romance had providedmuchproseof no meanquality for light reading, and alsoby their imitationof the florid and fanciful styleof the French-Flemish rhctoriqueurs (with whichBernerswasfamiliar both as a student of French and as governor of Calais) had pro- bablycontributednot a little to supplyand furnishforth the side of Elizabethanexpressionwhich found so memorablean exponent in the author of Euphues.

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