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A Changing Nation | 27 Study Guide: AS Questions In the style of AQA (a) Explain why the USA entered the First World War. R. Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson in addressing America’s economic problems? (24 marks) Exam tips The cross-references are intended to take you straight to the material that will help you to answer the questions. (a) The reasons for the USA’s entry into the war are well covered in Section 9 (pages 24–6) of this chapter, but you will need to think of a sensible order for your reasons, so that you do not simply relate a story.

It also opposed any borrowing from non-‘Anglo-Saxon’ cultures, for example the popularity of jazz music, which it saw as being based in AfricanAmerican culture. Influence of the Ku Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan claimed 5,000,000 members: 1923 Key date Undoubtedly, the Klan met a need among many Americans. It gave them a sense of importance, belonging and power. With its secretive language, hoods and robes, burning crosses and violence, it added purpose and glamour to the humdrum lives of the farmers, artisans and shopkeepers who were the mainstay of its membership.

However, as we shall see in the next chapter, the right to vote did not make much difference to the lives of many women (pages 67–8). Although, on the surface, women seemed more assertive and ‘liberated’, their opportunities in society remained limited. Problems and Tensions in the USA 1917–28 | 31 Indeed, the right to vote could be seen as an example of a major reform that did not, despite appearances, lead to the dramatic changes many people expected. Key question Key term What concerns did the 1920 presidential election campaign focus on?

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