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By Jianye Li, Deli Wang, Ray R LaPierre

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The resulting nanowires are characterized by the formation of metal droplets on the wire top. Important dynamic processes during the nanowire formation include desorption, adsorption, and diffusion of atoms on the nanowire top, lateral sidewalls, and on the substrate surface, nucleation-mediated growth at the liquid-solid interface, as well as the growth on the substrate surface [17]. The position and diameter of nanowires are mainly determined by the location as well as the size of the metal catalysts, while the nanowire length is directly controlled by the growth duration.

B) SEM image of a representative nanowire device. Scale bar is 2 µm. (c) Cross-sectional view of p-GaN/i-InxGa1-xN/n-GaN heterojunction and corresponding energy band diagrams. (d) Light I-V curves for a green PV device. Inset, optical microscopy image of the device; scale bar is 5 µm. Reprinted with permission from Ref. [137]. Copyright 2009 American Chemical Society. SUMMARY In summary, with the recent advancements in various growth/synthesis techniques, significant progress has been made in the technologically important III-nitride nanowire heterostructures.

B) Normalized EL spectra recorded from five representative forward-biased multicolour core-multi-shell nanowire LEDs. Reprinted with permission from Ref. [90]. Copyright 2005 American Chemical Society. Vertical nanowire LEDs monolithically grown on Si substrates have also been developed [124, 130]. Kikuchi et al. have fabricated GaN-nanowire-based InGaN/GaN multiple quantum disk LEDs on Sb-doped n-type Si(111) substrates [128]. The LED nanowire heterostructure consisted of Si-doped n-type GaN nanowires (750 nm), undoped GaN (10 nm), eight pairs of InGaN (2 nm)/GaN (3 nm) multiple quantum disk active layer, undoped GaN (10 nm), as well as Mg-doped p-type GaN (600 nm).

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