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By Masao Sakauchi (auth.), Hiroshi Arisawa, Tiziana Catarci (eds.)

Video segmentation is the main primary approach for acceptable index­ ing and retrieval of video durations. often, video streams are composed 1 of pictures delimited via actual shot barriers. immense paintings has been performed on the best way to discover such shot limitations immediately (Arman et aI. , 1993) (Zhang et aI. , 1993) (Zhang et aI. , 1995) (Kobla et aI. , 1997). throughout the inte­ gration of applied sciences equivalent to photo processing, speech/character acceptance and average language figuring out, keyword phrases may be extracted and linked to those pictures for indexing (Wactlar et aI. , 1996). A unmarried shot, although, not often includes sufficient quantity of data to be significant on its own. Usu­ best friend, it's a semantically significant period that almost all clients have an interest in re­ trieving. quite often, such significant durations span a number of consecutive photographs. There not often exists any effective and trustworthy approach, both automated or guide, to spot all semantically significant durations inside of a video move. Works via (Smith and Davenport, 1992) (Oomoto and Tanaka, 1993) (Weiss et aI. , 1995) (Hjelsvold et aI. , 1996) recommend manually defining all such inter­ vals within the database upfront. in spite of the fact that, even an hour lengthy video could have an indefinite variety of significant periods. furthermore, video facts is multi­ interpretative. consequently, given a question, what's a significant period to an annotator will not be significant to the person who concerns the question. In perform, handbook indexing of significant periods is labour extensive and inadequate.

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1999) Name-it: Naming and Detecting Faces in News Videos, IEEE Multimedia, January-March 1999, pp. 22-48. , Faloutsos, C. (1987) The R+-Tree: A Dynamic Index of Multidimensional Objects; Proc. of the 18th Int'l Conf. on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB'87),1987 44 VISUAL DATABASE SYSTEMS (URL1) Java ACE Home Page. www cs wllstl edll/schmjdtITACE html BIOGRAPHIES Frederic Andres is a visiting researcher, AHYDS project le~er at National Center for Science mformation Systems (NACSIS), Japan since 1996 under the COE framework of the Japanese ministry of Education.

SQL Extension for Intervals Data". IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 9(3):480-499. Oomoto, E. and Tanaka, K. (1993). "OVID: Design and Implementation of a Video-Object Database System". IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 5(4):629-643. , and Tanaka, K. (2000). "A Query Model to Synthesize Answer Intervals from Indexd Video Units". Accepted for publication in the forthcoming issue of IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. Smith, T. A. and Davenport, G.

Proof" Let W denotes either the specified time-window filter width w or the specified maximal noise-width filter N. Also, let I i I denotes the temporal duration of an interval i in the case of time-window filter and the maximal noise it contains in the case of maximal noise-width filter. The proof is obvious if I x I ~ Wand I Y I ~ W. However, if I x I > Wor I Y I > W, then F(F( x) EB F(y)) = undefined. We know that I (x EB y) I ~ I x I , I Y I . Hence, it is obvious that I (x EB y) I > W if either I x I > Wor I Y I > W.

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