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It is somewhat ironic that the companies with the most comprehensive databases (cataloguers) have been the least likely to seize upon advanced customisation or personalisation. That said, cataloguers do use selective binding to create different versions of an edition and to achieve production economics in the processing of two or three editions of a title. That is, cataloguers are more apt to personalise editions in the bindery rather than on-press, binding selected signatures on a more or less customised basis for individual customers or collections of customers.

17 Catalogue ���������������� trends CLICK TO VIEW TABLE Books Books are traditionally printed on web offset presses, although some short-run titles may be printed on sheet-fed presses. More and more one-off copies and ‘vanity’ titles are printed digitally. As recently as three or four years ago, the biggest issue facing book publishers was the long-term decline in book readership. Harry Potter and vampires have done their part to reverse that trend, but something else started happening that many thought unthinkable a decade ago: electronic books (e-books) started to become popular.

There has also been a trend toward short run lengths overall, as forms are more or less printed on demand. The transition from print to electronic/PDF, or to Web-based forms, will continue to overtake any transition from analogue to digital. Many business forms printers have been transitioning to label printers and other types of products. 34 Business �������������������� form trends Candidate for Digital? H RunLength Trend ↓ Candidate for Electronic Media H Trends • Shift from forms to online/PDF/other electronic media happening dramatically.

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