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168). 4. Young children may share their mother’s anxiety because of the primitive emotional tie between mother and child, and irrespective of their own stage 36 Anna Freud of development in understanding reality, development of conscience, or inhibition of their own destructiveness. , pp. 169–171). 5. Children whose fathers have actually been killed by bombs may try to counteract their experiences by manic gaiety in quiet times, but air raids may provoke them into remembering and re-enacting their experiences.

P. 513). The authors stressed the importance of preserving the child’s pleasure in eating so as to avoid eating disturbances. , pp. 514–518, 522–524). In the war nurseries toddlers were allowed as much choice of foods as rationing permitted, and it was found that they chose a balanced diet, for example, making up one day for what they had left out the previous day, finishing the first course if they were allowed to put Observation 41 it aside and come back to it after their pudding. , pp. 524–526).

P. 568) At first small children may be unable to defend themselves against the menace of other children. They may be surprised by an attack, even though they do the same thing themselves; for example, ‘Sam (21 months) was playing peacefully, when suddenly Larry (19 months) took his ball away. , p. 570). Children gradually find ways of defending themselves. Sophie (19 months) had a rusk in her hand which Larry (19 months) wanted badly. She began to scream as soon as Larry approached her, evidently guessing his evil intentions.

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