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By Bennett Cerf

Complete identify: whatever for amusing, a suite of Jokes and Anecdotes that you just, Too, Can inform and possibly Have

A shaggy dog story ebook from Bennett Cerf

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Well," began Kurnitz. "The heroine is a girl named Briinnhilde, who comes from a rather good family.

She called with an air of resignation. "No, ma'am," came the voice of Francesca. " ~~~b' II __ I- I 62 ANYTHING FOR A LAUGH THE EDITORS of The Reader's Digest claim that each of the following five stories was submitted at least twenty times, in almost identical form, by people in every corner of the country. 1. Uncle Seth has a tactful way of telling evening visitors it's time to leave. " 2. At a military funeral the aged mother of the deceased faints as the parting volley is fired. "My God," shouts the little boy.

The Amencan an t e Canadtan each put in ~ reo-dollar bills. The Scotchman put in his check for r 1Clf rhirty dollars and took out the two tens. that calls for place names parucularly smted to the states m which they are located. ; . ; Hezmakinizerme, Pa. This could go on indefinitely. "OFFICER! " shrilled a lady on Sixty-second Street. "Come quickly! I've been robbed! " The officer finished the banana he had lifted from Tony's fmit stand, ~md condescended to investigate. Then he turned to the lady with new respect.

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