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Eds), Elsevier, Oxford. , Martin, D. and Pasquier M. (1995)Macromol. , 93, 325. Poisson, N. (1996). PhD Thesis, INSA Lyon, France. Maazouz, A. Sautereau, H. F. (1993) J. Appl. Polym. , 50, 615. A. W. (1995)J. Appl. Polym. , 58, 449. A. W. (1995) Polym. Eng. , 36 (18), 2352. R. Moore (Ed) 9 2004 Elsevier Ltd. and ESIS. All rights reserved. 25 FRACTURE MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF THERMOPLASTIC POLYMERS AS A FUNCTION OF MOLECULAR AND SUPERMOLECULAR VARIABLES J. K A R G E R - K O C S I S INTRODUCTION Toughness is a key property for many applications of polymeric systems both of thermoplastic and thermoset nature.

Differences in failure times of various PE-HD types in the ductile failure regime are generally attributed to different yield stress values, which primarily depend on the material density and thus on the degree of crystallinity. In other words, for a given degree of crystallinity the molecular structure, molecular mass distribution and supramolecular structure have at most only minor direct effects on failure behaviour at high stress levels (ductile failure regime). On the other hand, in the quasi-brittle failure regime at lower stress levels and longer lifetimes, all of these latter factors are known to play a significant role [1-7].

15;Mn * Hardener - DDA (dicyandiamide) * Catalysts or initiators - Diuron (epoxy 1) HeN - - C I NHe = 380 g N C1 ci- - BDMA (epoxy 2) @ Bakelite VE 2560 or Dyhard 100S C~N cm CH3 Dyhard UR200 SKW Trotsberg Aldrich CH2--N--(CH 3)2 * Toughening agents - CTBN 8 - CSR particles HOOC-~CHz---CH=CH---CH2)x---(CHz---CH)y ] COOH I. 8 Core" CSR2 - Poly(butyl acrylate) CSR1 - Poly(butadiene-co-styrene) Rohm & Haas EXL 8866 EXL 2611 Shell 9crosslinked poly(methy/methacrylate) _ COOH - Polydimethylsiloxane 1 ~i--O-~CH3 J RESULTS All the results for static and fatigue tests are summarized in Table 2.

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