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The Doctor’s presence in his life felt fragile, as if he might disappear as quickly and as completely as he had arrived. Jack didn’t want to do anything that might push the Doctor away. The flames started to rise out of the top of the bin. Jack’s eyes watered as the smoke began to fill the small cellar. The Doctor had found the secret room after searching the office above. He’d toured the perimeter of the room tapping the walls lightly until a hollow sound had revealed the existence of a concealed door.

Actually yes. ’ A single sentence of translation sat on the screen. The translation software had marked the sections of the text that were its own best guesses. The sentence appeared to be part of a personal statement or journal. My name is Petruska, First Queen of Kr’on Tep, Ruler of the Seven Systems, and I am a prisoner in this place… 5 Something Beneath The Skin Chief Inspector Harris was shaving when the telephone rang. I’ll get it, love,’ he called out to his wife, wiping the last few smears of soap from his cheeks.

She was talking to a scruffy-looking girl of no more than thirteen. Despite the girl’s age, Chris could tell from their body language that the conversation was adult and serious. Tilda slipped a few coins into the girl’s hand, before returning to her seat next to Chris. ’ Chris leant forward, interested in anything that might distract him from the pain in his stomach. ‘What sort of trouble? ’ Tilda shook her head, dismissing the idea. ‘Oh, no. I don’t get any trouble from Lilly Law. And I bloody well shouldn’t either.

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