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By Winfried Nerdinger; Baumschlager & Eberle.; Technische Universität München. Architekturmuseum.; Pinakothek der Moderne (Munich, Germany)

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The double facade with its multilayered surface and multifaceted light effects invigorates the structure. The facade’s appearance will also be constantly changing. The outer shell consists of movable glass panels set in front of the inner facade, composed of reinforced concrete elements and floor-to-ceiling windows. The panels are made of structured, semi-transparent glass with surfaces etched in frost-like patterns which reduce reflection. Serving as screens and protection against the weather, the panels can be moved at will by the residents.

The smallest units measure 90 square meters. Each floor can be divided into up to four separate tenements of that size, or can equally be used as an end-to-end open space. The ground floor, which experiences the most traffic and is most closely linked to the urban sphere, lends itself to shops and cafés; a gallery level can be inserted into these rooms, as they are six meters high. The building’s structure is designed in such a way that all fixtures added by tenants are reversible; load-bearing partitions are not necessary due to the optimized grid of supports, the floor slabs are designed for heavy loads, and the rooms on the upper floors are up to 4 meters high.

The outer layer of the facade intimates the transitory nature of this special constellation in its choice of materials: the gneiss is quarry-faced, indicating the transition from its natural state to complete processing. However, this metaphorical shade in no way detracts from the impression of unity clearly conveyed by the structure. Its elementary volume stands for the homogeneity of an architecture which succeeds in merging open spaces with a differentiated spatial program. Im Trainingszentrum wird geschult, verwaltet und die Maschinen des Konzerns werden praxisnah erprobt.

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