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This specific ebook opens the door to the basics of examining and writing a language with a non-Roman alphabet. The interactive, available method of studying awarded in train your self Hindi Script publications you thru classes and workouts in keeping with real-life occasions and appeals to the scholar and vacationer alike

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1906) Santali Primer. Benegaria: Santal Mission Press. Crooke, William (1892) ‘Vocabulary of the Korwa language’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 61(1):125–128. N. (1878) A Sketch of the Languages of the East Indies, London: Trubner. —— (1884) ‘Grammatical note and vocabulary of the language of the Korku: A Kolarian tribe in Central India’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (new series), 16:164–179. Das, Rakal (1871) ‘An introduction to the Mundari language’, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 40:46–66.

There is still a place called Sa)ot in Midnapur district where Santal habitation is common. The Santals call themselves h ‘man’ and the name Santal is only used by those who are Christianized. From the term majhi or ma)jhi ‘village headman’ they SANTALI 13 also call themselves majhi or ma)jhi when asked about their caste. K. Chatterji3 attaches great importance to this term for them remembering the contribution of the Santals in the evolution of Indian life and culture. 3 Genetic affiliation of Santali Santali belongs to the Kherwari group of the North Munda sub-family of the Munda family which is, in turn, a section of the eastern group of the great Austroasiatic family of languages.

Jt ‘caste’ (cf. ’), pc’ ‘five’ (cf. ’), dl ‘pulse’ (cf. ’), n ‘witch’ (cf. ’), gh ‘fault, sin’ (cf. ’), bhgn ‘nephew’ (cf. ’), bs ‘age’ (cf. ’); although there is no predictable environment on the surface level, the occurrence of // can be justified by comparing it with the Indo-Aryan words where there is [i] or [u] in the neighbouring syllable. In some of the examples like pc’, bs, etc. // occurs because of the neighbouring palatal consonant or semivowel, [c’] and [y], respectively.

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