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By M.G. Sheftall

Within the final days of global conflict II, the japanese unleashed a brand new breed of warrior. They have been the kamikaze-idealistic younger males believing there may be no better glory than to sacrifice their lives in suicide assaults to safeguard their native land. yet what of these males who took the sacred oath to die in battle-and lived? quickly after the September 11 assaults, ethnographer M.G. Sheftall used to be given unprecedentedly intimate entry to the cloistered neighborhood of Japans final final kamikaze corps survivors. the result's a poignant and unforgettable glimpse into the lives and mindsets of former kamikaze pilots who by no means accomplished their ultimate missions.

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It A kami kaze that swept away centuries past. was worth a The odds try. After nearly ten minutes of silence, the admiral cleared his throat to speak. "I have come here to discuss with you something of great importance. May we go to your headquarters? The men around the table gathered '^ to shut down their the shack for the night. backseat of his limo by Commander maps and gear and prepared The admiral was joined Rikihei Inoguchi,* a pleasant, self- effacing staff officer from First Air Fleet sent at the 201st Air Group some days before, and the bull-necked but mild-mannered *Inoguchi's older brother Toshihira was XO down to assess the situation Commander Asaichi Tamai, of the 201st standing in for the commander of the superbattleship Musashi, at this point steaming toward the Philippines from Lingga Roads with Kurita's main force.

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