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To: You (you) From: Human assets ( topic: This publication pricey Reader, this can be an automatic message from the Human assets department of the recent York magazine, ny City’s prime photo-newspaper. Please bear in mind that in response to our files you haven't but learn this e-book. What precisely are you expecting? This publication has all of it: Humor Romance Cooking advice nice Danes Heroine in danger Dolphin-shaped driftwood sculptures if you want to examine any of the above, please don't hesitate to move to the checkout counter, the place you'll be paired with a revenues affiliate who will paintings that will help you purchase this e-book. We the following on the manhattan magazine are a workforce. We win as a group, and lose as one besides. Don’t you need to be at the profitable staff? clearly, Human assets department manhattan magazine Please be aware that failure to learn this publication can result in suspension or dismissal from this shop. *********This electronic mail is private and shouldn't be utilized by a person who's now not the unique meant recipient. when you've got obtained this electronic mail in blunders please tell the sender and delete it out of your mailbox or the other garage mechanism.*********

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If he even gets this message, does he sound to you like the kind of guy who'll even do anything about it? I'm a little worried. And it's okay, I guess. I mean, I'm bonding with the cats (well, Mr. Peepers won't come out from under the bed) and Paco's like my best friend now. But I've gotten five more of those tardy warnings from Human Resources. They are seriously going to put me on probation! But what can I do? Paco NEEDS a good hour long walk in the morning. Still, if I have to ditch out of one more society function because I have to get home to walk that dog, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get fired.

You didn't say that. You didn't say anything about your aunt's neighbor working for the NY Journal. Don't you get it, Max? She might KNOW me. I'm a journalist. So is she. Yeah, we work for rival papers, but for God's sake, the field's pretty small. What if she opens the door and it turns out we've been to the same conferences--or crime scenes? Your cover will be blown. Or do you not care? J PS And how am I supposed to email her? She's going to know I'm not you when she reads my address. com> Subject: Operation Paco Of course I care.

He still calls me every few months to catch up. And now this. God only knows what Max wants me to do for him. Rescue a raftful of refugee Cuban ballerinas, I suppose. Or house the Australian rugby team. Or loan him the $50,000 he owes to the Russian mob. I am seriously considering leaving the country, Jase. Do you think Mim would let me have the Lear for the weekend? com> Subject: Max Friedlander I hesitate to ask, of course, but as your big brother, I feel I have a right to know: What, precisely, did Max Friedlander do for you that left you owing him this enormous debt?

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