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By Rick Joyner

The gates of hell are the entrances wherein evil earnings entry to the area. Rick Joyner, writer of the best-selling publication the ultimate Quest, dramatically exposes the insidious cruelty of evil as manifested in jealousy, worry, spirit of poverty, religious authority, and non secular spirits. Breaking the ability of Evil equips the Church with the instruments essential to first create a barrier into our international, and moment, open a door into the heavenly realm. Joyner publicizes that the conflict is one in all territory-and person who is a fight for the human middle. it really is within the center the place evil needs to be damaged. With prophetic precision, Joyner conscientiously casts a prophetic gentle that would dispel the darkness because it enlightens the soul.

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31 C H APTE R FOUR F R O M D E M O N S TO WORLD RULERS T HERE ARE LEVELS OF DE MONIC forces that are assaulting the world. These range from demonic attacks on individuals, to principalities that seek dominion over regions or nations, to “world rulers” that seek dominion over the entire earth. When the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden prophesied that America would fear from north to south and east to west, he was issuing a demonic prophecy that was a clear indication of the enemy’s strategy against America.

Man was created to rule over the earth, but we also were created to do so in relationship with God. To try to rule without Him always will ultimately lead to catastrophe. ” If we have built our lives on the Kingdom that cannot be shaken, we will remain unshaken through whatever comes. If we have built our lives primarily on the ways of this world, we will be shaken every time the world shakes. 59 BREAK IN G THE POWER OF EVI L A C O MIN G C O NF L I C T A problem that is about to face many Christians was dramatically portrayed in one of the subplots in the movie The Ten Commandments.

Paul the apostle was such a man, which is why he had to face Caesar. Because Jesus is the highest authority in the King dom, He had to be confronted by satan himself and prevail. Because of Caesar’s scope of authority, he was not being manipulated by a mere demon, but by a world ruler. Satan has to use men to do his will just as the Lord works through His people. Therefore, as one grows in spiritual authority, they will be buffeted by those who are controlled by more powerful demonic forces. This is not something that we should fear, as the One who is in us is much greater than all of the power of the evil one.

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