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Now the extreme right-wing British Movement has adopted a policy of infiltration. The August-september issue of its iournal British Patriot contains the following item. The British Movement in its latest members' bulletin encourages its membership to join the Territorial Army, Britain's part-time army. It does so on the assumption that the crime rate, and in particular crimes of a political nature, are likely to increase and envisages the formation of a iFr.. Corps' should the government's forces cease to maintain stability.

Thedocument adds: 'stratqic p$ruarpursues long-term and mainly political obiectives. It is designed to undermine the will of an enemy or hostile group to fight and to reduce the capacity to wage war. It can be directed against the dominating political party in the enemy country, the'goverrunent and/or against the population as a whole, or a particular element in it. tegy, says another part of the document, is to 'create attitudes and betraviour favourable to the achievement of political and military obiectives' in times of peace and war.

The primary task of a psyops unit is the dissemination of propaganda. To do this it has vehicles adapted to carry loudspeakers, tape recorders and cinema proiectors. It also has a photographic capability and limited facilities for producing leaflets of simple design. Correctly employed in the psychological field the unit is capable of achieving results out of all proportion to its size. 2. ln addition ro the dissemination of propaganda through its own resources, a psyops unit can gather and supply propaganda material lE= 70 STATE STITHIN THE STATE for radio, television, newspapers and magazines.

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