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Presumably vaseline and such soft solids become unsuitable for the same reason, although this point was not tested. For the same reason the glycerine transmitting pressure from the pump had to be diluted with water. T h e ease with which glycerine subcools, and the difficulty of getting it pure, made any exact determinations impossible ; but it was found that commercially pure glycerine was very apt to solidify at 6000 kgm. and 20°. CORRECTIONS TO B E APPLIED TO T H E ABSOLUTE GAUGE In spite of the simplicity of this gauge, and the directness with which it carries the measurement of pressure back to the fundamental definition, there are two corrections which must be applied in practical use.

It was merely necessary, then, to select from several lengths of drill rod a piece fitting the hole in the cylinder. No grinding whatever was necessary, either on the cylinder or the piston, except rubbing with the finest emery paper to remove the film of oxide after hardening. In fact, it is the salvation of this device that no grinding is necessary, accurate grinding of a piston so small as tV in. being out of the question, to say nothing of the in. hole in the cylinder. Because of its slenderness, considerable care is necessary in hardening the piston without warping.

The effective force on the piston is F + P2 We now can calculate P , and P 2 without any assumption as to the distribution of pressure in the crack if we assume only that at every point the radial displacement is proportional to the pressure at that point. This gives where r1 is the value of r at the end A B E of the cylinder, and r 2 at the end CD. R is the average of rt and r 2 . But H — r = Cp, dr = — Cdp, That is, Ρ j is equal to the pressure exerted by the total internal pressure Ρ on a ring of half the breadth of AB.

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