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By H.B.D Clarke, Motoko Hamamura

The purpose of this publication is to get you talking useful jap within the shortest period of time attainable with out neglecting the script. It makes a speciality of educating you to speak good, will train you to learn katakana and hiragana, and should clarify round 250 Kanji characters.

If you want to study functional eastern in a short time, say for a enterprise stopover at or vacation, this can be an incredible e-book to use.

Good purposes to exploit this e-book, in my opinion:

> the ebook is really easy to paintings with
> the grammar is obviously explained
> the kanji characters are defined and practiced within the chapters
> the workouts are many and varied
> a minimum of interpreting passages according to bankruptcy ( in script )
> it will get you studying hiragana and katakana progressively
> huge vocabulary build-up: the thesaurus lists round 2800 words
> sensible vocabulary for daily use and conversation
> may be accomplished in three month's time

I imagine this publication is mainly functional for business-people, because:
> it comprises alot of industrial terminology
> it avoids "college"-topics equivalent to 'what is your major?'

My lawsuits approximately this e-book are:
> there are typo's right here and there within the romanized script
> a few components of the grammar and a few subject matters (like telling the time) used to be now not defined adequately
> it may be argued that it areas an excessive amount of emphasis on business-terminology

Overall, this publication does an outstanding task of educating sensible jap in a quick period of time and in a effortless manner.

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Does Mr Kim live in Korea? 4. Does Mr Kim speak Thai? Dialogue 2 1 During the morning tea break at the conference Mr Kim finds himself in a long queue waiting for coffee. To pass the time he talks to the person in front of him. Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions which follow this passage. KÍMU: ࡒ࡜࡯: KÍMU: ࡒ࡜࡯: KÍMU: ࡒ࡜࡯: KÍMU: ࡒ࡜࡯: KÍMU: ࡒ࡜࡯: ߪߓ me ߹ߒߡ‫ ߪߒߚࠊޔ‬Kim ߢߔ‫ޕߊߒࠈࠃߙ߁ߤޕ‬ ߪߓ me ߹ߒߡ‫ޕߔߢ࡯࡜ࡒޔ‬ ߎߜࠄߎߘ‫ޕߊߒࠈࠃߙ߁ߤޔ‬ ࡒ࡜࡯ߐࠎߩ߅࿖ߪߤߎߢߔ߆‫ޕ‬ O࡯ࠬ to ࡜࡝ࠕߢߔ‫߹޿ޔ߽ߢޕ‬ਛ࿖ߦߔࠎߢ޿߹ߔ‫ޕ‬ Kim ߐࠎߪ ߤߜࠄ߆ࠄߢߔ߆‫ޕ‬ ࠊߚߒߪ ߆ࠎ࿖ੱߢߔ߇‫ޔ‬ ޿߹ Tái ߦߔࠎߢ޿߹ߔ‫ޕ‬ ߘ߁ߢߔ߆‫ޕ‬Tai ⺆߇ ߢ߈߹ߔ߆‫ޕ‬ ޿޿߃‫ޕࠎߖ߹߈ߢޔ‬ ࡒ࡜࡯ߐࠎߪ ਛ࿖⺆߇ ߢ߈߹ߔ߆‫ޕ‬ ߃߃‫ ߛ ߒߎߔޕ‬ke‫ޕ‬ ߣߎ ro ߢ Kim ߐࠎߩ ߏ shu ߺߪ ߥࠎߢߔ߆‫ޕ‬ ࠬ po࡯tsu ߢߔ‫ޕ‬ Górufu ߇ߔ߈ߢߔ‫ޕ‬ ࠊߚߒ߽ górufu ߇ߔ߈ߢߔ‫ޕ‬ 40 Vocabulary ߅࿖ ߤߎ ߤߜࠄ ߢ߈߹ߖࠎ ߃߃ ߛ ke ߣߎ ro ߢ okuni dóko dóchira dekimasén ée dake tokoró de your country (honorific) where which one, where (polite) can’t speak, can’t do yes only by the way … 3 ኅᣖߩ⹤ Kázoku no hanashi Talking about families In this unit you will learn how to: • • • • • • • Use neutral and honorific terms for family members Count people with the numeral classifiers –ri and –nin Say ‘this’, ‘that’ and ‘that over there’ Tell the time Name the months of the year Count from 1 to 99 Give and ask for telephone numbers.

2. m.? 3. m.? 4. m.? 5. How would you say goodbye to your guests at the airport? 6. How many cultural keywords do you remember? Katagaki, nigori, izakaya, myóoji, ojígi and itamae were all introduced in Unit 1. Could you explain these concepts to your friend who is planning a trip to Japan? 2 ⥄Ꮖ⚫੺ Jiko-Shookai Introducing yourself In this unit you will learn how to: • • • • • Say who you are and where you come from Say where you live and ask people where they live Tell people you are learning Japanese Discuss nationality, country and language Express your likes and dislikes.

Karl reading travel 5. Gordon swimming baseball 6. 8 1 Listen to Dialogue 2 on the tape and see if you can answer the following comprehension questions. Only turn to the written text after you have made two or three attempts to answer the questions after listening to the tape. 1. Where does Mr Miller live? 3. What language does Mr Miller speak a little? 5. What is Mr Kim’s hobby? 2. Does Mr Kim live in Korea? 4. Does Mr Kim speak Thai? Dialogue 2 1 During the morning tea break at the conference Mr Kim finds himself in a long queue waiting for coffee.

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