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A entire therapy of color-induced graph colors is gifted during this ebook, emphasizing vertex hues prompted by way of aspect hues. The coloring strategies defined during this publication rely not just at the estate required of the preliminary part coloring and the type of gadgets serving as shades, but in addition at the estate demanded of the vertex coloring produced. for every side coloring brought, history for the idea that is supplied, by way of a presentation of effects and open questions facing this subject. whereas the sting colorations mentioned should be both right or unrestricted, the ensuing vertex shades are both right hues or rainbow shades. this offers upward push to a dialogue of abnormal colorations, powerful colours, modular colors, edge-graceful colorations, dual aspect colors and binomial colours. on account that a number of the ideas defined during this e-book are rather contemporary, the viewers for this e-book is basically mathematicians attracted to studying a few new components of graph colors in addition to researchers and graduate scholars within the arithmetic group, particularly the graph conception community.

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21 ([3]). T/ Ä n 2. Over the years, many research papers have dealt with the irregularity strength of special classes of graphs. For example, the papers [38, 41, 42] deal with the irregularity strength of regular graphs and [6, 13] concern trees. The papers [25, 40] discuss the irregularity strength of dense graphs (those graphs of order n and size m for which m=n is large). The irregularity strength of circulants and grids has been studied in [11, 26], respectively. Graphs with irregularity strength 2 were studied in [39].

Proof. 3 that if G is modular edge-graceful, then so is G C uv. GCuv/ ! Zn be a modular edge-graceful coloring of G C uv. u D v1 ; v2 ; : : : ; vp D v/ where p 4 is even. G/ ! uv/ if e D vi viC1 , 2 Ä i Ä p 1 and i is odd 2 and i is even. G/, it follows that c2 is a modular edgegraceful coloring of G. Thus G is a modular edge-graceful graph. G/ into two or more independent sets. G/ if the partition P under consideration is clear), as the graph obtained from G by recursively joining pairs of nonadjacent vertices that belong to different independent sets in P and that are connected by a path of odd length in G.

For this reason, it is of particular interest to consider modular edgegraceful colorings in which no edge is colored 0. This gives rise to a concept introduced in [60]. G/ ! G/ ! e/, where the sum is computed in Zn . If c0 is vertex-distinguishing, then c is called a nowhere-zero modular edge-graceful labeling or nowhere-zero modular edge-graceful coloring, also referred to as a nowhere-zero meg-coloring. If G has such an edge coloring, then G is called a nowhere-zero modular edge-graceful graph (see [60]).

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