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The total diversity of methods for profitable comedy writing is tested during this booklet. the writer, one in every of Bob Hope's best writers, analyzes what he does to provide one-liners, anecdotes, monologues, formular jokes, sketch captions and teaches the reader the right way to grasp the ability.

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Stationery or office supplies e. Letters of the alphabet c. Shoes and socks In creating and staging your scene, be as inventive as you want, but use only items from the area you selected. Food can be milk cartons, fruit, pretzels, snacks, soft drinks, whatever. Office supplies can be paper clips, staplers, rulers, pens, pencils, paper, and so on. Shoes may be ladies' shoes or men's shoes, athletic footwear, loafers, boots, or baby shoes—anything people put on their feet. Handyman's tools can range from screwdrivers and hammers all the way up to electric power tools.

That way your humor won't be influenced by the original creators' jokes. You could also work with another writer, collect cartoons, discard the captions, and exchange them. Whatever method you select, have at least 25 captionless cartoons at your dis' posal. 2. Write new captions for each cartoon. HERE'S WHAT THIS WORKOUT WILL DO FOR YOU The value of this workout is the same as for Workout 3A, with the added benefit that you learn to see things with a whimsical eye. You will learn from the cartoonists' drawings that a thing doesn't have to be real or even possible for it to exist in your mind.

This exercise will show you that the more options you have to choose from in your writing, the better your writing will be. HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES I've selected Sammy Davis as an example. Sammy is noted for the expensive gold rings, necklaces, and other baubles that he wears. My list of relationships would be: great wealth jewelry store King Tut King Midas gold fillings From that preparation, I created this joke: "I met and shook hands with Sammy Davis the other day. " A WORD BEFORE YOU START This workout is similar to the previous ones, except that it's fun working with celebrities.

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