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By Colin Cotterill

“[Cotterill’s] tales may well flow by way of on their humor and lovely characters, however the cause his books come alive, the explanation his sequence remains to be worthy examining, is the author's deep knowing of those humans and their appealing, afflicted land. This intensity permits him to carry us there for a quick holiday, make us consider, and nonetheless retain us guffawing. Like Dr. Siri, Colin Cotterill has a slightly of magic approximately him.”—The Boston Globe

“Cotterill’s process in Curse of the Pogo Stick—so measured and offhand—actually achieves a amazing feat: It cuts via the entire never-again media saturation genocidal regimes frequently generate, and it makes us take become aware of once again. We finally end up being concerned approximately Cotterill’s characters, simply because they’re generally both respectable or at the least understandably improper and for that reason human. through heading off the nastiness and nihilism of noir, they succeed in a sympathetic, soulful truth writers infrequently pull off.”—Paste Magazine

“Cotterill’s ironic pen [is] as sharp as ever.”—Kirkus Reviews

Auntie Bpoo, the transvestite fortune-teller of Vientiane, Laos, has foretold that the seventy-three-year-old newlywed Dr. Siri and his both mature bride could have youngsters by means of the tip of the 12 months. while Siri is helping Hmong villagers at risk, the prediction comes real.

Colin Cotterill, writer of 5 prior books within the Dr. Siri Paiboun sequence, lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, together with his spouse. His books were publication experience selections, and he gained the Dilys Award for Thirty-Three Teeth.

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