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By Homer C. House, Susan Emolyn Harman

This ebook offers the trainer and scholar with fabric for an entire direction in English grammar, masking the elemental ideas of English utilization. textual content is split into components, grammatical shape and sentence research. Sentence diagramming illustrates the foremost and minor components of every sentence, and gives a visible reduction in objectifying the sentence devices.

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Ar If I were If you were or thou wert If he were Plural If we were If you were If they were The student will observe that all the past plural forms and the past second person singular (except in the solemn style) are identical with the corresponding indicative forms. Also it is well to observe that the meaning of the past subjunctive forms of be is not past, but present. Differences in form between subjunctive and indicative in verbs other than be are practically confined to the third person singular present: indicative, if he goes; subjunctive, if he go.

Nouns ending in -um change -um to -a: Singular agendum bacterium curriculum datum 11 11 Plural agenda bacteria curricula (curriculums) data 17 Genus, from a different Latin declension, has genera for its plural. Anglicized plurals often favored. ID 29 Nouns Singular dictum erratum medium memorandum stratum Plural dicta (dictums) 17 errata media (mediums)11 memoranda (memorandums) strata 17 4. Singulars in -x become plural by change of x to c and the addition of -es: Singular apex appendix index matrix radix Plural apices (apexes) 11 appendices (appendixes) indices (indexes) 17 matrices radices (radixes) 17 11 b.

Ional in that the s of the singular is sounded as z in the plural. Sec WriJZ;ht: An Elementary Historical New English Grammar, page 133 f)xford lTniv('rsity Pn-ss, 1924). 25 Nouns III. a. Many nouns ending in -/ or -fe change J to v and add -es or -s to form the plurals: Singular beef calf elf half knife loaf leaf Plural beeves calves elves halves knives loaves leaves Singular life self shelf sheaf wolf wife Plural lives selves shelves sheaves wolves wives b. However, many nouns ending in-for -fe merely add -s to form their plurals, without change in the consonant: Singular belief brief cliff chief dwarf fife gulf grief hoof Plural beliefs briefs cliffs chiefs dwarfs fifes gulfs griefs hoofs or hoovesia Singular kerchief reef roof scarf safe strife staff waif Plural kerchiefs reefs roofs scarfs or scarves 13 safes strifes staffs or staves 13 waifs IV.

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