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By John Swartzwelder

Considered one of a sequence of comedy/science fiction novels that includes slow-witted detective Frank Burly, through John Swartzwelder, the author of fifty nine episodes of The Simpsons.

(Unfortunately, no plot precis to be had wherever i will locate. I'll write one after I've learn it.)

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Henceforth he will have to try something different. 2 In the short run their influence may not have been very great; many possibilities were being explored by French comic dramatists at the time. These plays do not seem, on first examination, to contribute much to the formation of F. Two things perhaps: the role of the suivante will have Cornelian precedents; and transposing the pastoral to the city meant in fact to a bourgeois world. On the other hand, the absence in the plays of the Old with the power to determine who would marry whom, sets limits to Corneille's comic enterprises.

28 Greene Trends and Statistics De 1630 a 1639, la tragi-comedie domine de tres haut les autres genres; mais les comedies, au nombre de trente-trois, sont a peu pres a egalite avec les tragedies. A partir de 1640, la pastorale est presque abandonnee; de 1640 a 1649, on imprime deux tragedies et deux tragi-come"dies pour une comedie. De 1650 a 1659, ces trois genres sont a egalite. Ensuite la tragi-comedie tend a disparaitre. 1 The statistics which I have to add to this summary are bound to be arbitrary to some small extent, since in this period of experimentation tragi-comedy, pastorale, and comedy frequently overlap.

Among other things, the play sings the joys of physical satisfactions. There seems to be no solid evidence that the play was performed on a stage, but it must have had some form of diffusion, since Piccolomini had to defend himself in a letter to the chief clerk of Frederick Ill's chancery. 16 Between them, Stauble and Radcliff-Umstead deal with almost 40 comedies written in Latin, about half of which were produced on a stage, often on festive occasions at ducal and princely courts. 17 At the same time, Plautus and Terence themselves begin to be performed, both in Latin and in translation.

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