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By Kurtulus Oztopcu, Zhoumagaly Abouv, Nasir Kambarov, Youssef Azemoun

This multi-language dictionary covers the 8 significant Turkic languages: Turkish, Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Uzbek, Uighur, Kazakh, Kirgiz, and Tatar. 2000 headwords in English are translated into all the 8 Turkic languages. phrases are prepared either alphabetically and topically. unique script and Latin transliteration are supplied for every language. For ease of use, alphabetical indices also are given for the 8 languages. this is often a useful reference booklet for either scholars and newcomers and for these enaged in overseas trade, examine, international relations and educational and cultural alternate.

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Tatar 5. Turkish 6. Turkmen 7. Uigbur 8. Uzbek . /44 dtarrhea dlarrhea med. dining room n. 2. 3. 4. a}a-rn,v (cch kiru) 5. ishal 6. E:Igul[e iggegme (ich sririish) 7. e\i-e 8. glrr ich ketish 2. 6acKa (basqa) 3. 6aura (bashka) 4. daurra (bashka) 5. farklr 6. yurreuur iiitgegik 7. tJirg (@elik) 8. rypru turli 2. dicttonary n. l. nrrer lti$at difficult adj. , n. n ishal iru ety (ish 6tuw) rrq tlryy (ich drriti) 2. cesAix (sdzdik) 3. cer,qvr (s0zdtik) 4. cr:lcx (siizlek) 5. sdzltik 6. rrvx sdzltik .

Gtin 6. rru giin 7. ;$ (kiin) 8. xyrt kun daytime l. n. xynAye grindtiz 2. rnuis (ktindiz) 3. xvrr4vs (kiindiiz) 4. rexges (kOndez) 5. giindtiz 6. rrt4{s giindiz 7. :jtF (hindiiz) 8. xyu4yt kunduz dead (x alive) adjl. errv cilti 2. eair (Olik) 3. ik) 4. vre (iile) ). olu 8. q,ur qiz 6. eau iili 7. rjy (6luk) 8. frur o'lik dawn deaf adj. 7. n. Dictionary of the Turkic languages 3; @iz) n. 1. aan dan 2. mq (trog) 3. rar{ (tang) 4. rar{ (tang) 5. tan 6. aaq dafl 7. JE (tang) 8. ronr tong 1. sru9 ftereng) 3.

JUE (qanal) 8. ranan kanal ctlm cnmel zool. cannon mil. n. l. mn top n. n kanal 2. xanwt 2. ua(,brp- (shaqr-) 3. uarorp (chakrr-) 4. uarorp (chakr-) 5. ga$r6. uarnrp- gagyr7. -ri+ (chaqir-) 8. rraKnp- chaqir- call 25 n. 1. raranrarr kapitan 2. ranrrau ftapltan) 3. ranuras (kapltan) 4. xaurlras (kapitan) 5. kapUn 6. rararrarr kapitan 7. oQK (kapitan) 8. rarnrran kapttan cal n. l. uarulrn ma$m 2. raMnlfl (k5mpit) 3. xeunyt (kemput) 4. rerrSn:r (kflnfi$ 5. geker 6. cvrina stiiji 2. uau na (mashina) 3.

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